Personalised White Wedding Favour Candles

Personalised White Wedding Favour Candles

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Personalised Wedding Favour candles, made from pure essential oils.

Create a memorable gift for your guests by having personalised mini candles at your wedding breakfast setting. These candles also look great scattered around your venue to down the centre of a long wedding table.

Our candles are made to order and come with a personalised label with for example, your names, the wedding date and wedding venue. They can even be delivered in mini organza bags too.

Size: 9cl approximately 6.5cm tall.

How to order:

-Select the essential oil fragrance required (details of our candle fragrances can be found below)

-Select the quantity of candles you require

-add option organza bags

-Place the order

Once you have placed the order, we will contact you via email to request the details needed for the candle labels and then send you a proof for approval. Please ensure you add your contact details at check out.

Please note due to the candles being made to order, minimum order quantities apply. A sample candle is not included in the order but samples can be requested at a charge.

Order delivery approx 2-4 weeks.


Candle Fragrances:

Blossom - made from the essential oils of Neroil and Patchouli

Neroli -Carefully extracted from the beautiful blossom of the bitter orange tree. Neroli oil instills relaxation, uplifts mood, promotes a feeling of calm and well-being.

Patchouli -Our 100% pure patchouli essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the patchouli plant. The precious patchouli plant originates from Indonesia, and its essential oil has a medium, base note aroma. Well-known for its physical and spiritual benefits, patchouli has a warm, earthy fragrance with fruity tones. 


Botanical - made from the essential oils of Lime, Basil and Grapefruit

Lime -We cold press our lime essential oil straight from the peel of fresh limes, capturing 100% pure oil when it’s at its most potent. Enjoy the fresh, zingy top note scent of this oil.

Basil - Wildcrafted from basil herb gardens. Its top note scent is sweet and herbaceous, with balsamic woody back notes and a refreshing effect. This essential oil originates from Italy.

Grapefruit - Packed with detoxification properties, this pink variety of Grapefruit helps a wandering mind to find focus. Use it to help boost concentration and clear your mind. In times of self-doubt, surround yourself with the energising scent of grapefruit as it boosts self-confidence too. 


Dark Rose - made from the essential oils of Sandalwood and Rose

Sandalwood Amyris - Harvested from the wood of the amyris tree, found in the West Indies and steam distilled for 100% purity, Sandalwood amyris is a best-loved essential oil. Its base note scent has a woody, sweet vanilla-like quality. Emotionally, sandalwood amyris essential oil is believed to help open the heart chakra. Light in your home and this powerful little oil will create a romantic ambience and encourage feelings of intimacy. Its sweet scent is also found to often relieve anxiety and dispel tension.

Rose Geranium - A pure essential oil, steam distilled for 100% purity. Derived from the French perennial plant, rose geranium has a strong, middle note aroma that is sweet and a touch herbaceous. The aroma of rose geranium has a sedative effect on the mind, helping to calm anxieties and encourage emotional balance. The scent helps to gently guide your mood to a positive place, providing comfort to those in need of a lift

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