meet the team


Hayley is the founder and co-owner of Lime Tree London. She's the creative one - our designer at Lime Tree London- who has a real passion for home and interiors. Hayley spent over a decade in the homeware design industry, working for big name high street brands both in the UK and abroad, before starting the business.

Hayley has a gorgeous little girl Darcey, who is no doubt the inspiration behind lots of Lime Tree's gorgeous children's designs!


Natalie is co-owner of Lime Tree London and a long time friend of Hayleys. She joined the buiness in 2016 after having spent the previous 14 years in fashion buying. She runs the day to day operations of the business including buying, operations and financial management.

Natalie has a loving husband Grant, an amazing little girl called Chloe and a cheeky little boy Edward. 


Karen is a whizz at embroidery, and is responsible for many of the personalised touches on our products. Karen's work is always top quality and she takes care to make every Lime Tree piece special.


Our wonderful team of printers... Paul, Gary, Declan & Callum are real characters who are guaranteed to make us laugh and work extremely hard. They have the latest equipment to help personalise our products, and versatile techniques mean we can apply personalised touches to so many of our products.

India Team

Over the years we have formed an excellent relationship with our team in India.We regularly visit them and work together in the factories in Delhi and Jaipur. Delhi is excellent for sourcing fabrics and trims, and Jaipur is known for many hand crafted traditional Indian textile techniques.

Our machinists are very well treated and paid above the local average rate. Interestingly the machinists are all men who love to play cricket in their lunch break!


Hayley's Dad and Co founder of Lime Tree London, Philip is now taking it (a little more) easy, enjoying the things he loves in life like walking the dog, fishing and spending time in Florida. His wealth of experince at Lime Tree and in the UK Banking industry makes him a valubale asset to the business still and someone always to be called upon when needed!