2-in-1 Balance Bike - Grey (4877615333456)
2-in-1 Balance Bike - Grey (4877615333456)
2-in-1 Balance Bike - Grey (4877615333456)
2-in-1 Balance Bike - Grey (4877615333456)
2-in-1 Balance Bike - Grey (4877615333456)

2-in-1 Balance Bike - Grey

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Must have first ride-on for any little one!

This clever design starts off as a 3-wheeled tricycle and as the child grows in confidence, it can be easily converted to a 2-wheel balance bike, by removing the back axel and a wheel (no expertise needed, just the instructions which come with it!) The 12 inch spoked steel wheels have nylon bushings, sealed smooth cartridge ball bearings and extra wide rubber inflatable tyres. The branded stickers come separately allowing customisation.

The basket is not included but can be purchased separately and there are also matching helmets - safety first after all-they soon learn to ride quickly on these!

Balance bikes are a firm favourite of ours and we can personally recommend them as a safe and easy transition to a pedal bike when the child is ready.

Most suitable for children 15months to 6 years. Seat height is adjustable from 30cm to 45cm.

5.2kg as a bicycle. 6.3kg as a tricycle.

Available in many colours. Basket available to buy separately.

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