Double Glass Wood Frames

  • £16.50

Light colour ash wood picture frame with front and back glass pane. The perfect Christmas present for others or yourself!

These frames are available in 2 sizes in both portait and landscape orientations.

Hang these frames a cluster of various sizes and in different orientations. They are perfect for holding pictures, old or new. They can also be used to frame keepsakes or memories such as wedding invites or pressed flowers or even your childs first drawing!

The beauty of these frames is that they don't need to fit your picture or insert exactly as they look lovely with glass showing around the edges. For maximum insert see below.

Prop them up on shelves or wall hang them using the natural twine that comes with the frame.

These frames make great presents for any occassion such as birthdays, Christmas or weddings.

Made from MDF.


Maximum insert for medium landscape frame: 22cm x 18.5cm or 8.5' x 7'

Maximum insert for large landscape frame: 30cm x 22.5cm or 12' x 9'

Reverse dimensions for portrait orientation.


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