Artificial Wedding Flowers

Here at Lime Tree London we absolutely love artificial flowers and so do our customers. Did you know that 80% of Brides have artificial flowers at their weddings now? Gone are the days of cheap fake flowers, in fact we often hear customers say how amazed they are that our flowers aren't real. But they don't smell I hear you say...artificial flowers can be sprayed with your favourite fragrance to add an even more realistic finishing touch to any arrangement!
There are so many benefits of having luxury faux wedding flowers. Floral seasonality or flowers wilting on the day are two of the biggest concerns for Brides with real flowers, neither are an issue with artificial flowers. They can also made weeks ahead and given out to the relevant Bridal party in advance, meaning one less thing to organise on the day. Artificial arrangements also last for years making bouquets great keepsakes for the Bride and Bridesmaids and table arrangements lovely gifts to friends and family.
We offer a range of floral touches for your big day, from hand-tied bouquets starting, to button holes and corsages, all of which can be purchased or hired to suit differing budgets. Prices vary depending on size and floral content with a typical luxury bespoke bouquet costing from £60 upwards. We also have a beautiful range of table arrangements in glass vases, pre-set in a solid aqueous bases so they arrive perfectly arranged at your venue. Lastly, we offer additional floral pieces for decorating cake tables, adding a floral touch to your table plan, floral heads for around candle lanterns or simple petals to scatter on your tables.
Please contact us our friendly team to discuss your bespoke wedding floral requirements.